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Shilajit Herb

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  • Shilajit Herb Shilajit Herb

Buy Shilajit Herb 1 kg

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What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is an old substance containing more than 85 minerals and follow components the human body needs to work ideally and fulvic acid which helps the body retain these minerals. Shilajit has been devoured as a dietary supplement for many years in Asia in view of the many advantages it gives.

How Shilajit is made?

Over a huge number of years, plants and natural matter were caught by layers of rock in hilly areas of India and Tibet. The weight from the heaviness of the mountains and the outrageous temperature changes causes the plants to be changed into a rich mineral mass that streams out of the stones. This is Shilajit.

Types of Shilajit:

The virtue and intensity relies on the area and elevation the Shilajit is reaped from, the refinement strategies utilized and, above all, the nature of the shilajit.


Not very many individuals, outside of the ranges where it is gathered, know that there are in reality four unique characteristics of shilajit. Just the most astounding evaluation (Gold Grade) is considered to have the greater part of the amazing properties one peruses about. At the point when any of the four evaluations of shilajit are decontaminated the outcome will be a dark tar like tar. With a specific end goal to choose the most astounding evaluation, one should first observe the shading and kind of shake the shilajit is found in before it is refined. The best Shilajit originates from the most astounding purposes of the Himalayas, around 16,000 – 18,000 feet above ocean level, which is the place we at Lotus Blooming Herbs source our Shilajit. The most elevated review is found in red/gold shaded shake envisioned.

Working of Shilajit:

The minerals in shilajit are in ionic frame, which implies the body can all the more effectively ingest and move them to zones where the minerals are required for development and upkeep of cells. In Ayurveda, gold review shilajit is accepted to be a rasayana or restoration substance. It is thought to have the one of a kind capacity to bring the quintessence on any tissue framework (dhatu). For instance, the embodiment of muscle (mamsa) is to give shape, the pith of blood (rakta) is to bring life, and the substance of the marrow/sensory system (maja) is to give information.

How to consume Shilajit?

To consume, simply dissolve in hot, non chlorinated water, tea or warm milk and drink. Alternatively one can dissolve under the tongue or simply swallow a portion if the taste is too unpleasant.

We recommend starting with a rice to pea sized portion, one to three times a day for general well being. Amount can be increased for greater energy and effect.

*Traditional Ayurvedic instructions recommend that shilajit be dissolved in hot organic milk or taken with ghee (clarified butter) or taken with raw, unpasteurized honey to increase delivery to the body. If one is a vegan one may substitute the previously mentioned products with sesame oil or coconut oil. Follow with a cup of hot water. If one has a Pitta constitution ghee is recommended, for Vata sesame oil, and for Kapha honey is best.

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Weight(gm) -shipping 500.0000
Botanical Name No
Short Description Shilajit Raw Increase Vigour and Vitality, This Shilajeet is in its purest raw form

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